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  1. (rare) A fascination or obsession with words.

If you’ve found us, chances are you’re a Logophile too.

Somewhere in the 21st century, we’ve lost our appreciation for the beauty of language and words.  

Coming from the worlds of multimedia, copywriting, fashion design and graphic design, the creators of our brand have shared an obsession and fascination for words of every type, language and meaning for more than 20 years now.  We also express a common love for easy style and vintage fashion.

We are the Word Nerds.  Celebrating the amalgamation of words + style.  We find words of every type and language, from the beautiful to the provocative to the culturally current, and screen print them onto our luxury tees in limited edition styles, always with our vintage touch.

So.  Are you a Word Nerd?  Are you down?  Get ready to express YOUR logolepsy.  Get ready to…

Wear Your Words

Pop Culture Words

Obscure Words